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Hotel Castellastva


The warmly tucked away restaurant of Hotel Castellastva offers a rich selection of dishes that vary from Mediterranean to continental and international.

Buffet tables are full of various salads, fish meals, vegan and vegetarian meals.

Encyclopedic menu

Our gourmet chefs are as imaginative as their meals. Buffets are filled with various salads, fish produce, vegan meals, and anything your appetite longs for. Upon request, our cooks are also at disposal for guests who have a custom meal plan that they adhere to.

All food can be served both a la carte or as a buffet with a rich selection of different drinks too. When booking their stay, guests can choose between half-board or full-board meals and enjoy the abundance of our culinary specialties.

The restaurant is air-conditioned to provide everyone with a pleasant atmosphere during dining hours on hot summer days. It also equips a children’s corner where kids can enjoy their meals with peers, yet within eyesight of their guardians.

Meal times


    07:00 - 10:30


    12:30 - 14:30

    19:30 - 21:30


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