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Beaches & Pools

crystal clear water

Castellastva hotel’s location is especially advantageous to many visitors because of close by beaches such as the Petrovac town beach and Lucice (which is around half a kilometer away), of which the latter is comprised of sand only while the former is a mixture of sand and pebble. Both have access to crystal clear water that passionate swimmers or children with their goggles will enjoy.

Our guests enjoy private access at the Petrovac town beach, where at surplus charge they can get their hands on modern beach equipment and towels. Beyond the beauties this beach contributes, it also appoints lifeguards who act according to the Standard of Care and are concerned about the safety and welfare of all individuals on the beach.

Not far away are two bigger coastal cities: Budva and Bar, which bring further possibilities for travelers who look to find more beaches to visit while in Petrovac.

crystal clear water

A secluded swimming pool

Great conveniences offered by Hotel Castellastva include an outdoor swimming pool with a bar. It is discreetly located in the green area of the hotel where you can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink and a panoramic view of the mountains on one side or the enchanting sunset on the other. Guests who decide to spend their days at the pool are provided with free sunbeds and umbrellas.

features both saltwater and freshwater swimming pools


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