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Budvanska Rivijera” Hotel Group is recognized as a company that keeps up with the latest tourism trends, constantly examining the needs and demands of its guests. Through detailed research over the years, activity- and family-oriented vacations have emerged as the backbone of the company’s operations, which is why we are primarily oriented towards engaging tourists with various entertainment programs.

A diverse list of activities had been compiled, designed, crafted and conducted by our entertainment team - a group of trained professionals in fields such as pedagogy, physical education, and psychology.

These instructors carry classes of morning gymnastics, aqua aerobics, swimming, mini-golf, beach volleyball, and some on-demand activities (if possible to arrange). Firm supporters of active vacation and recreation programmes cherish the moments we create together, calling them “an opportunity to add more value to vacations” - all done through activities such as Zumba, Latin dance classes, yoga, and many more.

Sport Activities - Tennis Courts

U okviru resorta se nalazi jedan od najmodernijih teniskih centara u regionu, i to zbog najviših standarda što se tiče izgradnje i kvaliteta infrastrukture, kao i kvalitetnih smještajnih objekata i ostalih pogodnosti.

U okviru teniskog centra nalazi se 11 terena, 8 terena na šljaci, kao i tri betonski terena, sa svom dodatnom opremom i objektima (svlačionice, tuševi, prostor za odmor, kafe bar). Pored teniskog centra za ljubitelje ovog sporta, postoji i moderna teretana, kao i jacuzzi i sauna koje posjetioci centra mogu koristiti u hotelu „Aleksandar”, udaljenom samo 50m od centra.

Teniski centar „Slovenska plaža”, u okviru svoje ponude obezbjeđuje mogućnost organizovanja individualnih, grupnih, turističkih i drugih teniskih aktivnosti, kao i mogućnost individualnog i grupnog angažovanja teniskih trenera, organizacija sparing mečeva, iznajmljivanje terena i teniske opreme i drugih raznih sadržaja.

Tennis enjoy for kids

Our all-day program or selection of multi-day programs is intended for children of all ages who want to benefit from tennis and who love this sophisticated sport.

First of all, the program can teach the basics of tennis kicks, but at the same time awaken work habits and develop a sports spirit in children.

Primary objective: Children-friendly hotel experience

Within the animation programme, great attention is paid to our youngest guests, who can experience a mixed bag of adventures in the children’s mini club, our outdoors, and many more.

Kids can play in an area of 300m2 and have a trampoline, slide, and many other play content at their disposal.

It is these diverse animation and sports programmes that round up the complete offer of hotel Slovenska Plaza, attracting more and more guests as each memorable year passes.


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