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March 18, 2022

Budva with Kids: The Best Family Vacation Plan Ever

Still an undiscovered gem with its pristine nature, Montenegro is a great idea for family holidays. Other than its wild mountain sceneries, the country is well known for its beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea. One of the best places for families in Montenegro is surely the charming little town of Budva.

10 best places to visit in Budva, Montenegro

Budva is an ancient city on the Montenegrin coast, often called the pearl of the Mediterranean due to its rich history and beautiful townscape. Although it is famous for its vibrant days and nightlife, Budva is also a very popular destination for families that plan trips with their kids. Luckily, we have compiled a list of 10 family friendly ideas for your vacation in Budva.

Walking down the road of History in the Old Town of Budva

Budva’s Old Town is an ancient settlement on the Adriatic Coast, believed to be the warden of the city’s history. Apart from its mesmerizing defensive walls, the site is perpetually being kissed by turquoise waves of the Adriatic Sea, neighbor to a sandy beach with luxurious resorts, and a marina with yachts and boats of all sizes. If you decide to take a museum tour with your kids you’ll get to admire the great views from the Citadel and city walls. Further below, inside the city walls, you’ll be able to wander through narrow streets with archways, tunnels, ancient remains and a number of churches and squares. It’s a labyrinth you’ll love getting lost in.

The lifelike Ballerina statue: A symbol of Budva’s gleeful nature

Holidays in Montenegro (especially with kids) can’t be checked as complete if you haven’t paid a visit to the gorgeous statue of the dancer, which is in walking distance from the Old Town of Budva. The Ballerina is a beautiful lifelike statue of a female dancer, which you can stare at from various angles and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of either the Citadel and the Old Town, the vastness of the sea, or the cliffs that are hiding Mogren beach. While looking at it, feel free to ask locals to share a bit of history of this Budva girl with you – you’ll be pretty surprised!

Boat Trips to Sveti Nikola Island

We all know how kids can get when they prepare for summer. It’s mostly about them. Otherwise, you’re in for some serious waterworks.

This is why we made sure to suggest future traveling families to visit the Sveti Nikola island in Budva. To do so, there are boat trips during summer months that are available every day. However, you can arrange a boat taxi ride during other periods of the year if your visit to Montenegro isn’t planned for summer. Whatever it may be, Sveti Nikola Island is definitely a must-visit place for families with kids, with plenty of beach facilities and other attractions to satisfy your energetic offspring.

Outdoor Activities on the Sea

For those keen to spend some quality time on the beaches in Budva, there are a number of watersport activities to try out. You can go SUP or kayaking near Budva’s Old Town enjoying at the same time the rich history of the city, along with the perks of the crystal clear turquoise waters which surround it. You can also try paragliding, diving, jet ski, or adventure cruising. And if you’d rather explore underwater in the evenings, you can take one of the glass bottom submarine boat trips, situated in front of Budva’s Old Town.

Best Family Beaches in Budva

A day in Budva, especially during July and August, should be reserved for long pebble and sand beaches that kids can enjoy to build castles, various animal figures and whatever else their imagination allows for. However, your kids’ stay should also cater for some educational expeditions that comprise of historic sites, museums, botanic gardens, and others. Which is why Budva is definitely a great city to be in with its diverse and numerous beaches, ranging in various attractions and activities; from Mogren Beach to Kamenovo Beach. The list of best beaches in Budva is extensive, but worthwhile discovering before you arrive in Montenegro.

Aquapark Budva

Situated in the heart of Topliš Hill and considered a memorable viewpoint over Budva, the Aquapark is among the best places for outdoor activities for families in Montenegro. The spot is packed not only with slides and pools for kids, but with massage rooms and restaurants for parents as well. It’s a written guarantee that parties will have fun here!

Krapina Village

A nice idea for a half day trip during your stay in Budva is Krapina Village. This is a hidden oasis in the middle of a creek with lavishing greenery, and it is great for families with kids that love to play with domestic animals that can be found there. If you are fond of outdoor activities and in search for refuge during hot summer months on the Montenegrin coast, Krapina Village is a must-visit.

Lipa Cave

Another great idea for a day trip filled with recreational activities is the karstic adventure inside Lipa Cave near Cetinje. The tour around the cave lasts for about an hour and is probably the most refreshing hike you’ll take, if you visit it during summer months (especially July and August). Great views, historic sites and incredible nature are what makes Lipa Cave a long lasting memory in your next family vacation.

Bay of Kotor

Just a few hours away from Budva, every family should consider taking a scenic ride along the Bay of Kotor and explore its historic sites, beautiful old towns, a rocky coastline and great mountain views. If you go during summer months, you can also take a refreshing break on some of the top beaches that can be found in the gulf. There are also numerous bars and restaurants, so make sure to free up some space in your belly if you decide to take this tour.

Lovćen National Park

Established in 1952, the Lovćen National Park covers the central and the highest part of the Lovćen mountain. It boasts of stunning natural wilderness, but also rich cultural heritage, historic sites and amazing architectural works. While climbing Lovćen, you can visit the Njegoš Mausoleum, adventure park or sports manifestations. This might be the single best place for families who visit Montenegro and are lovers of open-air activities.

To conclude

This list could go on with many more family friendly activities in Montenegro with kids. All this is possible due to the size of Montenegro where, in one single day, one can climb up the peaks of the Northern region, while planning to catch the sunset on the coastline. A fact that reaffirms the statement that good things do come in small packages.

If you think highly of Montenegro as we do, please be our guest and we will make sure you squeeze the most of your stay in Budva. Comment below, or contact us directly to book a room that’s close to all the above-mentioned attractions and more.


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