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The enormity of it all a bit less overwhelming

We understand how hard the decision-making process in wedding planning is. However, the organization of your Big Day can become our “burden”!

The event managers we work with are on-the-ground-specialists who go back and forth to cover you from wedding cakes to floral decorations for a memorable “Yes” moment. They coordinate all food and beverage services, leave no stone unturned and make sure all details are taken care of to craft a tailored experience - designed to make your fairy tale celebration comes true.

The magnificence of our balcony, in conjunction with the natural decorations around the hotel, make this site the most exquisite setting for unforgettable wedding ceremonies. Guests will have the possibility to soothe their senses with salty breezes coming from the sea, listen to waves crashing on the shore, all while witnessing the most amazing scenery - two people saying their vows during a romantic sunset landscape.

Newlyweds can adorn the whole event further with additional equipment such as a projector screen that displays videos to commemorate their most romantic moments. All in all, hotel Mogren’s terrace is the right address to unite your family, friends and relatives for a long-awaited occasion.

Live happily ever after

Whether you want the theme to be classic and elegant or luxurious and modern, our team will come up with a myriad of inspirational ideas for you to choose from.

So make sure to simplify your planning activities and transform your wedding day in Budva into everything you imagined. Message us and we’ll make sure to answer all your demands.


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