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Some of the best beaches on the Adriatics are located in the heart of the Montenegrin coastline, in a charming little town of Budva. This Mediterranean pearl is famous for its historical heritage a 38 km long seacoast and beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise crystal clear waters, which make it a must-visit for anyone keen to have a memorable summer experience.

Mogren Beach I & II

Back in 2004, an internationally recognized Blue Flag qualification has been awarded to one of the best Budva beaches located only a short walk away from the Old Town. Mogren Beach I & II are two pebble beaches connected by a small pedestrian tunnel and towered by stunning cliffs. The beaches offer popular water activities and a couple of lounge bars where you can enjoy the scenery while having a coffee or a meal. Crystal clear waters, amazing sun exposure, rich vegetation and an easygoing atmosphere are guarantee for the unique and a truly exquisite experience of Mogren Beaches. Once you set foot on any of the two beaches you’ll see that both are suitable for families as well, making it a fun spot that blends different generations together.

Ričardova Glava Beach

The Richard's Head Beach, named after Richard Windmark who in 1963 filmed 'The Long Ships' here, is probably the most prominent beach in Budva due to its location. Namely, the pebble beach is settled right under the Old Town walls, where the waves kiss the Budva Citadel in a constant motion for centuries. This position makes Richard's Head one of the most picturesque and most visited places on the amazing Budva Riviera. The beach is not very spacious, but it offers a number of cafes and restaurants which make it a favorite choice for locals and visitors throughout the year. The spectacular view is Instagram-worthy and makes it the place to be when in Budva.

Slovenska Plaza Beach

Slovenska Plaza Beach is another alluring beach within walking distance from the Old Town of Budva. It is one of the largest beaches in Budva providing an entire range of attractive 'to-dos': vibrant nightlife, plenty of cocktail bars, traditional cuisine restaurants, and a bunch of water activities (jet ski, parasailing, SUP, etc.) make Slovenska Plaza one of the most crowded sandy beaches in this part of the Montenegrin coast. The beach is recommended for young people who seek fun day-time parties and/or night clubs by the sea, but some areas are more quiet and thus ideal for families with kids. Noteworthy is that some parts of the beach are also pet-friendly.

Pizana Beach

Pizana is a beautiful small beach with turquoise waters located on the east side of Old Town walls. This is one of the oldest beaches in Budva and Montenegro in general, where you can find an intimate atmosphere in the early mornings. Though crowded at first glance, this beach is also a good fit for families who like to relax under the Mediterranean sun. It if favorite beach of local people.

St. Nichola's Island a.k.a. Hawaii

St. Nichola's Island is the leading beach excursion destination in Budva, surrounded from all sides with translucent waters of the Adriatic Sea. The island is just a short boat ride away from the Old Town of Budva, and while on it you can discover the Mediterranean vegetation, discrete sandy beaches, and vivid greenery. Most of its splendid beaches on the southern side can only be accessed from the sea, and on the northern side you can enjoy refreshing drinks and meals during day and night. The island also provides with family friendly beach facilities that cater for the needs of both kids and their parents.It is a curiosity that tourists can enjoy an organized walking tour. The hiking trail on the island is about 3 kilometers long, it is moderately demanding and you need to have adequate clothing, shoes and bring water for hydration

Jaz Beach I & II

Among the finest beaches in Budva and the Montenegrin coast is Jaz Beach, nested in a long bay outside of the city. With its countless shades of blue waters and sparkling waves, Jaz makes for a perfect relaxation spot for anyone who’s into nature and swimming. It is surrounded with pine tree forests with a campsite of around 2000 spots, a parking site, plenty of bars, restaurants, and cocktail bars. There’s also a remote area of the beach that’s reserved for nudists, while the major part of it is used as a regular family and groups friendly beach. On the most eastern end of Jaz Beach, in the hidden bay of the beautiful Malaya Beach, visitors can enjoy the tranquility of a protected natural area of the first category.

Trsteno Beach

Trsteno valley is a prime beach spot in Budva and considered one of the nine most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. It is deeply pulled into the dry land of the Montenegrin coast, thus being protected from high waves, storms and south wind. This charming sandy beach, with its crystal clear azure waters and untouched natural environment, presents one of the best experiences you can find on the Budva Riviera.

Ploče Beach

Famed as the most popular party beach in Budva is Ploce Beach. This is the place where you can enjoy foam parties and festivals in pools while having refreshing drinks in cocktail bars. Young crowds of handsome people and great fun are the main reason why this place makes days turn into nights due to the party vibes that the beach entails. Be that as it may, the beach also features a secluded area that’s meant for families and their kids, where they can find restaurants, inflated water castles, tiny pools, and more fun activities.

Bečići & Rafailovići

In 1935 Bečići beach won the "Grand Prix" in Paris and was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe, and thirty years later it won the Palme d'Or as the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean.Bečići Beach is the proud owner of the title “One of the cleanest waters in Montenegro”, cementing it on the top of the list of best beaches in Budva. The beach has got several hotels and public areas lined on its shore, and can be considered as a bathing zone, as well as a sports, relaxation & recreation zone with well managed parks and sports courts. The most attractive is certainly the "Green (blue)" rock, at the very entrance to Rafailovići beach.It is adorned with a nice sandy beach area, sparkling waters, and a quiet atmosphere - especially in the mornings. It is one of the best places in Montenegro for families with children, having some of the best family resorts in Montenegro directly connected to the coastline.

Kamenovo Beach

Kamenovo beach is the first one in the succession of about 16 smaller, very attractive beaches of the Budva Riviera. The sandy beach and clean sea bottom make the water look turquoise and azure, ensuring that the whole place can please even the most fastidious thalassophiles. Kamenovo beach also has a cocktail bar where you can sit down and enjoy the night life atmosphere by the sea before heading to some of the popular night clubs. Kamenovo is a favorite place for tourists who sail there on yachts. Regular daily parties guarantee fun at the beach bar Kamenovo, and often there are samba and zumba dance groups that everyone can dance with. Due to its isolated location, Kamenovo beach is a top destination for night parties that sometimes last all night. The beach is easily accessible by car since it is located under the highway.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, an old fortified fishermen village built on an island, is an exclusive hotel-town attracting celebrities and other high-class guests with its charm and opulence. The luxury resort is connected to the mainland by a rare natural phenomenon called the tombola (a narrow causeway). Its beaches stretch on both sides of the tombola, whereas one of them is reserved for guests of the Aman Resort, while the other one is open for the public. Sandy beaches, a view over the picturesque island, and turquoise crystal clear waters are the top attributes of this place. Some of the famous people who enjoyed the perks of Sveti Stefan are Brad Pitt, Bobby Fisher, Sofia Loren, Sylvester Stallone, Claudia Schiffer, Adriana Lima, Dan Bilzerian, and many others.

Miločer Beach

This sandy beach is situated beneath the former summer residence of the royal Karađorević family, built in 1934 and separated from the highway with a wall and two gates. Sveti Stefan is accessible through one of the gates, and Pržno through the other one. Stunning turquoise waters of the Miločer beach are hidden beneath the rich Mediterranean and exotic vegetation, and the area is part of the exclusive hotel near the beach.

Kraljičina Beach

This lovely secluded site was the favorite beach of Queen Maria Karađordević after whom it was named. In its vicinity are Sveti Stefan, as well as Miločer. It is a small beach, about 200 meters long, with cypress and olive trees in the background, conveniently located in front of the summer residence of King Nikola.These top beaches in Budva make some of the most luxurious places on the Montenegrin coast where you can enjoy the intimacy while dipping your body in the calm waters of the Adriatic.

Pržno Beach

Pržno is a small, part sandy part rocky beach, surrounded by a typical sea shore settlement, thus being especially charming and attractive. It provides various possibilities of enjoying both day and night atmosphere with its cozy cocktail bars and restaurants. The locality is not only among the top beaches on the Budva Riviera, but it has also been enlisted as a protected natural reservation due to olive groves of extreme value, which can be found in the posterior of the place. The beach has a handful of kids’ friendly entertainment options, which makes it a great call for families.

Perazića Do Beach

Best beaches in Budva are often places where you can enjoy all the pleasures of life with your significant other. One of such places is the sandy beach heaven called Perazića Do, snugged deeply into the Montenegrin coast near Petrovac. Due to its free parking lot, restaurants where you can enjoy the tasty meals, and lounge beach services, it is an ideal beach for families who want to spend their vacations on the Budva Riviera.

Drobni Pijesak Beach

South of Sveti Stefan, another celestial pebbly beach lies quietly on the Montenegrin coast. Drobni pijesak is a well-hidden Montenegrin jewel that provides with a much needed escape from reality, where you can dive in the turquoise waters of the peaceful Adriatic, or simply get a darker tan by sunbathing in a relaxing ambience.It is characterized by emerald water surrounded by forested hill, as well as two restaurants that offer a large selection of Montenegrin dishes.

Buljarica Beach

Buljarica Beach houses the famous annual Sea Dance Festival, making it the best place in Budva for day and night partying - if you visit it in late August. During other months, Buljarica Beach is considered a very quiet resting place that merges completely with Mother Nature’s joys, and where families can indulge in the pristine turquoise waters. Another added benefit to anyone’s stay here is the Mediterranean pine trees vegetation, where guests can find a campsite for tents and caravans, with lounge beach services for extra comfort.


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