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March 18, 2022

Petrovac - What to do in Petrovac

Petrovac is a true diamond of the Adriatic Coast, a peaceful town perfect for holidays in Montenegro, mainly popular among families with kids. It is situated 17 kilometers away from Budva towards Bar. This Mediterranean idyllical gem will provide your sought-after relaxation for which we bring forward a sheet of ideas on Things to do in Petrovac.

Things to do in Petrovac

Petrovac Quay: The best way to conclude your walk along Petrovac’s promenade

Petrovac Quay is a town fortress at the edge of the town beach. The fortress prides itself as a great place in Montenegro to enjoy the marvelous view at the two nearby islets Sveta Nedjelja and Katič. This is a family friendly place with a museum as part of the building and crystal clear waters beneath the unique rock formations around it. You can also take boat trips from and to Budva to enjoy the spectacular Petrovac Quay.

Lučice Beach: For those seeking crystal clear waters touching sandy beaches

Lučice Beach is one of the best swimming site in Budva and a great thing to do while in Petrovac, considering the vicinity (only a short walk away from the Palas hotel). It is a family friendly sand beach with easy sea access, but you should be careful since the turquoise waters can get deep very quickly. For added security and peace of mind, parents can rely on nearby safeguards to constantly keep an eye on the whole scene.

Perazića Do: Exploring Wilderness like Robinson Crusoe

Perazića Do also gets a premium spot on the list of best beaches in Budva/Petrovac! Both locals and tourists love the great view and relaxing ambience, where they can tread on hot pebbles to later cool down by the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. The beach is family friendly, with an available free parking site, lounge bars, and restaurants – all perfectly shaded by a pine forest that adds to the overall wild ambience of the place.

Petrovac Beach: The easiest way to define serenity

Petrovac Beach is an attractive town beach, often appearing as crowded during July and August (the latter month being famed for many traditional festivals) but very nice if you manage to catch your spot early in the morning. This is when you can listen to waves kissing the shore, birds chirping beautiful songs, and other melodies that appear to compose Mother Nature’s Symphony of the Sea. However, when the beach is jammed with people, simply run away to any of its nearby restaurants or bars and enjoy your meal or coffee while having the bliss of one of the most amazing viewpoints on Earth.

Sveta Nedjelja and Katič Islands: Story time!

Islands Sveta Nedjelja and Katič overlook the vastness of the sea on one side, and the town of Petrovac with its rugged cliffs towering above it on the other. While with kids in Montenegro, you can tell them about the legend according to which the little church was built on Sveta Nedjelja Island; a gift from seafarers who survived a shipwreck. It is popular to go on the island, hike up to the church, and ring its bells for which many believe that this act brings luck and good health.

Hiking Trail Petrovac – Reževići: Your eyes will thank your legs later

Taking your family to a walking tour in the pine forest is the ultimate outdoor activity while you're staying in Petrovac or Budva. But no worries, this picturesque trail features protective natural shade, benches along the way, and tunnels to catch your breath (if you’re running) or simply relax during the tour. The spectacular natural beauty of the Adriatic Coast’s vegetation, in conjunction with the rich pine and evergreen trees forest, make this trail one of the best things to do in Petrovac.

Water Activities: Where the thrill of adventure lies

During summer months, you can enjoy refreshing outdoor water activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, and paragliding. If you decide to try the latter, get ready to witness some of the most spectacular views available on Earth. This part of littoral land, surrounded with wild nature parks, is a true gem of the Adriatic Coast and a must see for avid water recreationists.

Foot: Eateries that satisfy everyone’s palate

As a popular family vacay spot, Petrovac must also cater for the needs of our travelers’ appetite. Some of the best things to do in Petrovac, therefore, is exploring the rich menus of its bars and restaurants. The cuisine is based mainly on seafood that’s prepared in traditional Mediterranean ways. However, in the numerous bars and restaurants that are located in both the town and nearby beaches, there are also other cuisines like continental and international offers, which means that no one will end up with an empty stomach.

Monasteries: Splendid aesthetics dating back from the 12th century

As most of the old towns around the Adriatic Coast, Petrovac also has a rich cultural heritage and plenty of historic sites. So if you ask some of the locals what to do while in Petrovac, you will probably be directed towards the monasteries and churches. Which are definitely the best places for educational and outdoor family activities in Montenegro.

Gradište Monastery is hidden in the karst area on the hill above the town. You can take a scenic walking tour to climb up the whole way to this Montenegrin gem. The monastery is easily reachable and the path is sporadically packed with traditional old homes along the way. After a hard hiking tour through the pine forest and Mediterranean vegetation, you will be rewarded with a great view over the bay, facing the horizon that’s melting the blue sky with the sea. Gradište Monastery is also very rich in history so if you're searching for an educational walking tour, make sure you pay a visit to this complex.

Reževići Monastery is a 13th century monastery complex and a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. The clandestine Monastery is secluded and well-covered in the wild nature park on a picturesque hill overlooking the sea. It is a great idea for outdoor aficionados looking for walking tours that reward hikers with an old town and a view to remember.

Late Antique Mosaic – Perfect fit for history lovers

Well hidden in the olive grove are remains of an antique mosaic and a Roman villa, situated in the heart of a modern neighborhood. Among the things you should do in Petrovac, this historical site is a must. Especially if you're into visiting sites that brim with stories of an ancient past.

To conclude

We’re all seamen (and women) but right here we’ll stop fishing for your time to let you decide what the best things to do in Petrovac might be in your case. If you need any further suggestions or personalized tour ideas, always feel free to comment down below or simply contact us directly via email. We’ll gladly help out and suggest what’s best for your family’s vacations on the Adriatic Coast!


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