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The environmental protection concept

Sustainability and the environmental protection in the resort

'Slovenska plaža " the "green" resort by the sea!

The Resort „Slovenska plaža“ is one of the first winners of the Eco Label Certificate in Montenegro, the Europa Union certificate for care and preservation of the natural enviroment. The certificate „Ecolabel“ commites the business of the entire complex „Slovenska plaža“, which already stands for a green oasis of Budva, to be based on sustainable development with minimal threath to natural resources.

Sustainability is one of our key corporate values. Therefore, the protection of the environment, waste reduce and optimization of energy consumption is very

The resort Slovenska plaža is a green oasis in the center of the town, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by many nourished green areas, mediterranean plants with different plant diversity The concept itself is designed to introduce you to widespread plant species of our area.The ten accommodation villas bear the name of a type of a plant which is located in the atrium of your villa ( Cypress, Myrtle, Magnolia, Henna, Palm, Camellia, Oleander, Citrus, Olives, Rosemary).

As an environmentally focused company all employees take responsibility and encourage the work with their efforts to protect the environment, therefore saving energy and encourage the development of ecology so the future generations could have an environment where healthy and good quality of living is possible. Together with international experts we have implemented into the resort “Slovenska plaža”, a complex system which minimize on long term our "action" to minimize the long-term environment.

The criteria within the system that are affecting the environmental protection especially serve the following goals:

  • limited power consumption

  • limited water consumption

  • limited amount of waste

  • favoring the use of renewable energy sources

  • favoring the use of raw materials, which are less damaging the environment

  • improving communication and education on environmental

Our efforts to prevent contamination of the environment are the following:

  • buying more products labeled on the basis of preserving the environment

  • train our associates to resource-attentive and friendly relationship towards environment

  • give importance to data on energy consumption, water, chemicals and waste volume

  • we use those informations for the internally improvement of the enterprise


Of particular importance are the following measures and areas:

  • Information from our guests, associates, and the public about our activities related to the environment

  • Efficient use of energy and water

  • Preventing waste due to conscientious purchasing products

  • Preventing water loads due to sparingly use of hygiene and cleaning products on the basis of environmental protection

  • Prevention of hazardous materials for the construction and renovation work, which burden the environment

  • The use of food from the region, such as. from biological plantation

Resort ‚Slovenska plaža’ is a green oasis, an area without cars, therefore it is recommended to guests, associates to use vehicles intended for communication within the resort (bicycles,        battery-v ehicle).



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