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Oct. 29, 2020

Warmth within the Mogren City Cafe

Unique experience enriched by a long tradition.

The city cafe Mogren is located on the Painter's Square near the Old Town of Budva within the cult hotel Mogren. Due to its location, by staying in the city café Mogren, you will always be in the center of current social and cultural events.

Gradska Kafana Mogren

The city café Mogren menu is prepared to satisfy your taste, no matter how unique it may be. If you are a fan of fresh pastries, the mini bakery is on the site and prepares different types of pastries every day, so you can always find a fresh specialty. The locals especially like the homemade fritters made traditionally.


In addition to Mogren’s perfect location, the locals have recognized the quality of its service and the food and drink offer, so the city café is one of the most favorite places in Budva.

Mogren Pekara


Lovers of sweet flavors have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive offer and a wide selection of cakes and desserts every day, so the menu often includes genuine desserts that can only be found in the city café.


The warmth that has characterized the atmosphere and service of the City Tavern for decades will additionally warm you up on cold, winter days.

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