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May 9, 2020

11 Best Things to do in Budva

Passionate travelers might have already heard tales about a small country, a hidden gem meandering down the shore of Adria – Montenegro. This is a country of tall people who, throughout history, always looked danger fearlessly in the eye and shaped what is today one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

Whether you travel higher up to the North or paddle down to the South, you’ll be up for surprises that will gratify all your senses. From domestic cuisine that satiates your appetite to sights that you can feast your eyes on, or from stories that stick to your mind to hills and rivers that reshape your body – all that is packed in tiny country in the Balkans.

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There’s so many places to discover in Montenegro, but we’d like you to start with Budva – the coastal paradise that blends rich history with present leisure. To shed light on this central Adriatic spot and its many virtues, we have put together a list of things you can do while here. After all, time flies by fast when something’s interesting, and we definitely know that a minute spent in Budva translates into hours passed somewhere else. So let’s make sure you’re not left without a solid plan for your discoveries.

Stari Grad – Old Town (Old Town Walls, Church of Trinity, Santa Maria In Punta)

Historical references round off Budva as one of the oldest settlements in Europe. By just gazing at the architectural structures you can immediately transport your senses back to the 15th century, where ruling Venetians made an impact on how Budva will look for the next 500 years. Even today, the well-preserved appearance of the Old Town remained intact, becoming one of Budva’s main attractions for travelers from all over the globe.

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This coastal haven was intended to be a fortification to keep inhabitants safe from attacks. Embraced by defensive stone walls, it reminds of a classic Medieval city of the Adriatic, strengthened by towers, embrasures, potent gates, and a citadel. Its raised position today enables a formidable 360-degree view of Budva’s surrounding, but was primarily meant to keep its residents safe.

Visitors love walking through the narrow winding streets and getting lost in the labyrinth-like passages where they can find gift stores, bakeries with home-made pastry, antique shops, and more. At the apparent end of the path everyone, almost always, ends up at the sea side, exiting the Old Town and entering one of the most prominent beaches in Budva – Ricardova Glava.


We mentioned the Citadel above, yet here we want to deepen its significance to the Old Town. Built somewhat during the V-VI century B.C., today’s famous City theater was once a monumental building that provided inhabitants with all necessities during long siege. Its strategic purpose is even greater in that it’s sitting on the highest point of the old town.

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However, the architectural piece that you’ll be looking at presently is a product of Austrians and their reign on the territory of Montenegro. And today, you’ll find in the south-western area of the construction luxuriously fitted apartments, which are right beneath a viewpoint from which all of Budva is at the palm of your hand.


One of the biggest pleasures in Budva is its promenade. It stretches from the back of Slovenska beach to the Old Town of Budva and provides visitors with many attractions to see along the way.

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One can wander aimlessly as the sea breeze caresses your face and soul, go for a walk, hide in the refreshing vegetation, sit down at one of the sidewalk cafes to enjoy a refreshing drink, and much more!

Piazza squares, green surfaces, recreational zones, parks…all elements that are necessary for you to enjoy that sweet cone of gelato are right here. You just have to use it!


No matter if you’re an avid swimmer, or someone who wants to get a brag-worthy tan, you’ll find your spot since Budva’s riviera comprises of 12.5 kilometers worth of beaches that visitors can discover. From pebbly to sandy, there’s something for everyone.

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All these beaches have one thing in common – translucent, crystal clear water. Families love the additional safety feature of appointed lifeguards who constantly monitor every inch of beach and sea for your peace of mind.

There’s a big list of best beaches that you can visit in Budva, but we leave your preferences to you.

St. Nicolas Island

No matter where you are in Budva, you’ll be able to see a piece of land, anchored on the Adriatic Sea – the St. Nicolas Island, locally dubbed as “Hawaii”. It is an uninhabited locale and the largest island in Montenegro. Its name derives from the same-named chapel that sits on it (a grim legend awaits you).

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There are 840 meters of sandy, rocky and pebbly beaches on an area that boasts of numerous bays, rich Mediterranean vegetation, and is a hunting RESERVE with deer, mouflons, rabbits and various bird species. Truly a place that would fit the adventures of many Robinson Crusoes.

Though connected with Budva by a small and narrow isthmus (deep about half a meter at low tide), the island is best reached by taxi boats, ferries, and cutters. Whilst on it, you’ll be able to enjoy the view of many coastal towns, villages, and beaches, but also at the protective mountains lying at the back of Budva.

Sveti Stefan

Throughout the entire Budva riviera, this particular place might be labeled the most astounding on the whole Adriatic coastline. It is a fortified islet that’s housing a village filled with 15th-century stone villas and turned into a 5-star hotel resort, surrounded by glistening turquoise waters.

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Photogenic as it is, this exclusive “town-hotel” is an Adriatic playground for celebrities and other high-profile elites. However, lower-income visitors can ogle it from afar (which is not that far away) and roam around the beach, visit Villa Milocer, hike to the Church St. Sava, and visit other surrounding areas that are as equally filled with natural, historical, and extravagant riches.

Praskavica Monastery

Up in the hills and somewhat north of Sveti Stefan lies the Praskavica Monastery, named after a nearby peach-scented water spring. No precise documents are archived about the foundation of this monastery, yet traditional word-of-mouth exchange dates the construction back in 1050, with first reliable data pointing toward 1307 as the year of establishment.

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The monastery had an important role in its community and was the spiritual and political station of the Pastrovići house. Here, local quarrels, important questions, adequate solutions, and much more had been discussed. Inside, guests will find many relics, icons, ancient manuscripts and other documents of historical value.

Noteworthy knowing is that two beautiful churches are part of this monastery’s complex; Holy Trinity and Saint Nicholas. So, a ride or hike to this place will make any history lover’s time worthwhile.

Statue Ballerina

This is a locally, regionally, and we can easily say globally known monument that is inspired by a sad legend. Namely, sculptor Gradimit Alesis modelled this statue in honor of a girl who had been waiting for her fiancée’s return, but sadly never got to welcome him back. Years afterwards the tragic love story ended with her death at this spot.


Visitors can admire this sculpture on their way from Richard’s Head beach to Mogren beach. No matter what angle you take, she and her background will always make for amazing photo. Some call her “The Ballerina”, others honor her as a Goddess of Love and Loyalty, whereas some debate that its more of a gymnast. You decide for yourself!

Aquapark Budva

You got bored on the beach and you’re looking for more action but still want water around you? There’s this adrenaline-pumping water park in Budva where you can enjoy various rides and slides.

Aquapark Budva is located high up in the intimately secluded area of Toplish hill, where you can experience the best viewpoint of Budva while still feeling the closeness of the sea. The complex itself is enormous and has many water attractions, ranging from standard pools to crazy water slides that will amuse both children and adults.

Refreshments in the form of food and beverages aren’t far away either! The establishment provides guests with one big restaurant, three bars, as well as cafes for children. Hunger, fun, and lots of Sun won’t be a problem here.


In 1935, this part of Budva won the Grand Prix award in Paris in the category “Most beautiful Beach in Europe.” Though long ago, its beauty remains evergreen.

Bečići houses many exclusive hotels that run along the coastline of Bečići beach, where most beach areas are private properties to hotels. Getting here is possible by car, but also by foot, if you want to watch the limitless natural beauties of Budva while listening to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore.

What intrigues most are the pebbles in Bečići. Whether passionate collectors or just the usual tourist, all end up compiling perfectly shaped pebbles as memorabilia of their visit to this place. Aside from the amazing 2km long beach, the water in Bečići is lauded as the clearest in Montenegro. Those who want to enjoy a dip in crystal clear water will certainly find their enjoyment here.


The Romans were quite calculative when they decided to set up their summer residences on this charming bay.


Petrovac is by far the most idyllic place on Montenegro’s coastline, where an amalgam of Mediterranean plants perfume the sea breeze while sounds of waves compose the most enchanting symphonies. This experience is possible with a casual stroll along the town’s beachside promenade.

At this place you can be romantic, swim in clear waters, enjoy your coffee while watching the panoramic scenery in front of you, absorb the Sun’s energy, and much more.


No matter how exhaustive the list might seem, we can help out and guide you with the basics or add even more ideas, customized to your preferences.

Also, due to our hotels’ vicinity to all of these attractions, our guests love staying with us and switching between places during the day. If you’re interested to find out more about the perfect lodgings during your visit in Budva, feel free to head directly to our homepage for more details on accommodation and additional activities.


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