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May 8, 2020

Gourmet's Guide

Finest Restaurants in Budva

When you think of the Mediterranean Coast you immediately associate it with seafood, cocktails by the beach, and wine that complements great dishes (especially if you’re a food gourmet). In Budva, a fine municipal advocate for all of the above, you will get a taste of both sea and mountains in one spoon.

Surrounded by breathtaking views of Budva’s landscape all of your senses will be appeased. With this guide on how to eat properly while sightseeing the town, you may want to rush your vacation and head straight to Budva to try this city’s appetizing cuisine. Here are some of the restaurants that represent the local and national cuisine.

Jadran Restaurant – The heart and soul of Budva

One of the most frequented and renowned restaurants, as well as a must-visit for anyone in Budva. It is a family business that is going strong for 37 years straight, which speaks volumes about the consistency in quality of the food they’re preparing, justifying the fact that not only tourists but also locals turn up often to spoil their senses.


Great food is accompanied by great service where waiters greet you with a genuine smile, making you feel at home. The restaurant is positioned next to the Old town of Budva so on top of all the tasty food you will have the opportunity to experience the local spirit. What is also distinguishable for the restaurant is the atmosphere created not only by the hospitality and great food but also with live music that balances your every bite.

The menu of restaurant varies from seafood dishes like octopus, squid, prawns, squid filled with prawns, lobster, grilled fish, seashells. If this doesn’t make your mouth water then there’s also a variety of grilled food that include other types of meat like chicken breasts, pork or veal screws, lamb with roasted potatoes and other delicious meals. You can also get a taste of national specialties as well as traditional smoked ham or homemade cheese that is produced by farmers from villages around Montenegro. To sum up, you will not be let down if you decide to indulge your cravings in Jadran restaurant, given that you’ll be served with a feast fit for a king!

Babaluu Bar & Restaurant: Where modern opposes traditional

Located inland, Babaluu Bar & Restaurant offers a variety of menu choices that include different breakfast options, Italian dishes like different kinds of pasta, pizzas and bruschetta, sweet treats like various cakes, pancakes, fruit selections, and croissants. There is something for everyone to choose.


You can enjoy your meals on a big terrace outside, or inside a roomy and vivaciously decorated interior. Babaluu also offers a selection of alcohol beverages like cognac, vodka, gin and tonic, beers, domestic wines, champagnes and well-known cocktails like mai tai, mojito, cosmopolitan and others. It truly is a place where you can find anything you want to eat or drink, so it is a perfect choice when you are with a bunch of friends or your family, since the restaurant also offers a kids’ menu which is something you can look forward to for your youngest ones.

The lively colors of the restaurant invite you to spend quality time with your company and guarantee a scrumptious eating experience while staying on budget. Babaluu – the name itself stands for a joyous experience!

Porat Restaurant – Eden for Gourmets

Located near the seashore where you can appreciate an awe-inspiring scenery of the lapping waves all while savoring well-prepared food by the restaurant’s ingenious chefs. It is a kind of place that gives you immediate comfort and makes you feel at peace.

A soulful restaurant that is staying true to its spirit since 1980, Porat is located in Rafailovici, a famous fishing place near Budva that is known for its pebbly beaches and clear water. While exploring the stunning beaches that are spread throughout Becici you will definitely stumble upon this charming restaurant that is situated beside the waterfront. It simply lures you to take a seat and enjoy the view while grabbing a bite.

You will be greeted with friendly service and a diverse menu that offers a whole range of distinct meals. The menu varies from meaty specials like lamb dishes, rib eye, steaks and seafood like salmon, crabs, grilled fish and also a set of typically Italian pasta and risotto servings. If you want to make it a true foodie experience try some of the entrées that are offered in the menu, like carpaccio, octopus salad, homemade fish pâté, or the smoked ham - famously recognized in Montenegro as “Njeguski pršut“, which complements a sweet taste of melon and a sour taste of natural cheese and other appetizers that will work up your appetite quite nicely for the main course.

For those who have a sweet tooth and want to round up this amazing gourmet experience, you can choose a delicious cheesecake, tiramisu, crème brûlée, chocolate souffle, lemon tart and other threats that are freshly prepared and served in an innovative way by the Porat staff. So the next time you're in Budva take the time to visit Rafailovici and „accidentally“ discover the Porat restaurant to see for yourself why it is praise-worthy.

Restaurant Konoba Demizana – Tradition with a modern twist

Demizana is placed in a delightful scenery near the Old Town of Budva with a charming ornamental entrance that leads to a lovely stone terrace with wooden tables rustically decorated with flowers. The first sight of the restaurant gives away a wholesome, homely feeling, and the greenery that occupies a lot of the space surrounding the terrace makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The atmosphere, a cozy sheltered ambiance in complete intimacy, welcomes you to have a luscious three-course meal. Also, the interior of the restaurant is decorated in the same proportion of wooden and stone elements as the terrace. There are some interesting national ornaments inside the restaurant that enhance that folksy, domestic impression of the restaurant.

Don’t shy away from any of the food options from the menu, you will not go wrong with anything you choose because every meal is enriched with local flavor. If you are in mood for something other than fish, Demizana chefs offer you a set of choices, e.g. a tasty steak or fillet mignon that you can accompany with some national red wine “Vranac”, or try some of the fresh seafood with some fruity white wine.

If you can’t picture yourself sitting here by now maybe this will help: Imagine, with all the might of your senses, the smell of grilled fish being freshly prepared and served to you, along with some lemon and potato salad, altogether with the city noise toppled by the sound of flamenco music and the positive vibes of all present guests.

Zeleni Gaj Restaurant

The literal translation of the restaurant’s name is ‘’Green Grove’’ which implies its connection to the Mediterranean scenery. Zeleni Gaj is located at Slovenska beach, right beside the seaside, so you sure will be blessed to enjoy your food while appreciating the vastness of the azure Adriatic Sea. If that’s not enough, the view from the restaurant is perfect for sightseeing the island of St. Nicholas and the ancient walls of Budva.


Even though locals and tourists justly prefer the terrace, it is worth mentioning the wooden and polished interior that is none-the-less enjoyable as the restaurant’s deck. Besides the view and a spirited atmosphere, the selection of courses is as appealing as it is versatile. For starters, you can maybe choose some of the various cheeses, salads, vegetables or try something different – creamy treats called “kajmak” which is a traditional delicacy made from milk and can have an either sweet or salty taste. For the main dish, classics like turbot fish or sea bass are always a superb choice but don’t back away from kicking it up a notch with dishes like baked octopus with vegetables, grilled calamari, stuffed squids with risotto and others.

For all of those who prefer red meat over white; gourmet hamburger steaks, veal medallions, or grilled beef steaks are a classic of their own in Zeleni Gaj’s kitchen. If you can’t decide between these options, dare to try some of the domestic delicacies that are bursting with homemade flavor – goulash, stuffed bell peppers, beans with sausages and others. Whatever food you pick, combined with good company, wine and a beautiful panorama, will be a winning combination in Zeleni Gaj.


Options are plenty and your stomach must be growling by now. As an excuse, we’ll offer you our hand in choosing the best restaurants in Budva. So feel free to stay at one of our hotels and we’ll make your stay in Budva a pleasurable experience to remember - both culinary and touristically.

Bon appétit!


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