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June 26, 2020


We look forward to hosting you in our hotel facilities in the most attractive locations of Montenegro and the Mediterranean. The hotel management has taken all necessary measures to provide you with a safe and carefree vacation that you deserve.

Employees of the HG “Budvanska Rivijera” hotels are specially trained and informed to be at your disposal at all times for all questions and concerns regarding compliance with the prescribed measures in order to protect against COVID-19.

We have singled out the most important guidelines concerning preventive and safety procedures for the hotel stay, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases.

Staying at the hotel

  • There are instructions regarding the rules of conduct and necessary measures visible in all places and all parts of the hotel, which we warmly recommend that you follow.
  • During your stay, please adhere to a physical distance of 2 meters in relation to other guests, unless they are members of your family or group.


  • When arriving at the reception, although not necessary, we recommend that you wear a protective mask during check-in.

Restaurants that fit your needs

  • We have provided more comfort and safety with customized table settings in our restaurants. We kindly ask you to use the disinfectant which is located at the entrance of the restaurant, when entering the restaurant and keep the prescribed physical distance.

Health & Safety

  • We have ensured the highest hygiene standards with the Health & Safety program, as well as water treatment and disinfection of water facilities in our pools, and enabled safe enjoyment of wellness & spa facilities.

Pools & Beach

  • In order to provide you with a high-quality service at the pool and the beach, we have organized the installation of deck chairs at the prescribed distance, thus providing you and your family with more space and intimacy.

If you experience symptoms that may indicate COVID-19, such as fever, shortness of breath, cough, please stay in your room and contact the reception or the person in charge of the hotel who will be in charge of your safety. The person in charge will take all necessary actions in accordance with the official medical guidelines.