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May 8, 2020

Budva Visitor’s Guide for Elderly People

Budva is a city of many attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, and whatnot else. No matter where you are, the next best thing to visit will be just a few steps away.

Budva is a city of many attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, and whatnot else. No matter where you are, the next best thing to visit will be just a few steps away.


Hedonists indulge in gastronomic menus which are further enriched by mesmerizing viewpoints aimed at the sea, beautifully tanned people, mountains, the sunset or sunrise, and more picturesque sceneries. Hikers take the advantage of Budva’s central position in the coast and plan their routes to both southern and northern Montenegrin natural riches. Avid swimmers dip in crystal clear waters, whereas lovers of vitamin D sunbathe for hours at some of the most beautiful beaches in Budva.

Facts like this labeled Budva A City for All Generations. However, in this post we’ll address Budva’s benefits for the elderly.

Age is just a number

Who says that getting older limits physical activity to gluing your butt onto your couch?


Working hard throughout your life must be rewarded in some way, and we understand that traveling the world is the best investment. As a matter of fact, it’s Baby Boomers who took 4-5 leisure trips on average in 2019, and make up for 80% of all spending on luxurious vacations.

This being said, age is a state of mind, and the above-mentioned stats clearly display our new generation of backpackers’ enthusiasm and a high energy level for adventures.

For this reason we organized a list of attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more interesting things to do in Budva, all to please the travel demands of our elderly guests. Who knows, some of you might find your personal fountain of youth in this charming town.

Rest and recuperate at some of the best hotels

Budva, with its 2,500-year-old and rich history, is a town with miles of beaches connected to a glittering sea, easily accessible by foot and therefore ideal for casual strolls both at day and night.


Being centrally situated in Budva comes with perks no one should ignore, especially if it’s important for you to have the ability to get back fast to your residence for some reason. So, when selecting the right spot for your place, mind that the backside of Budva is a steep hill that covers the coastal town from the north and its winds. Closeness to those hills means exposing oneself to more difficult routes for walking.

Therefore, we provide our elderly guests with the right options – hotels that are close to both cultural sites and many great beaches in Budva.


Hotel Mogren

This hotel comes with a famous terrace where you can enjoy the sound of waves hitting against the shore, a marina filled with stunning yachts, the astounding walls of the Old Town, and three major beaches of Budva.


Hotel Slovenska Plaza

Resembling a Mediterranean Village, this resort is an idyllic escape from all the hassle that befalls bigger cities, and it is directly connected to the same-named Slovenska Plaza beach and Budva’s main promenade – making it a no-brainer for visitors who prefer relaxation.


Hotel Aleksandar

Hotel Aleksandar is the neighbor of Slovenska Plaza resort and almost equally rich in vegetation. Divided into multiple villas, it shapes an authentic Mediterranean experience and serves as a great hidden spot to avoid crowds.

When choosing your hotel, make sure to establish what you want from your visit to Budva. If you’re after animation programs like aquarobics, dancing sessions, board games, and the like, one option might downplay the other. So be prepared to mull over your decision carefully.

Adventure or Culture trips

In our case, older travel guests have demonstrated many times how adventurous they are. We have had inquiries on activities like kayaking, paragliding, diving, canyoning, and more! Here are some things that, without any health risks, you can do while in Budva:

  • Boat tours - gliding through the Adriatic, where you can go on a sightseeing expedition of other cities on the Montenegrin coastline;
  • Dancing classes with local and visiting dance instructors who will bust a move or two with you;
  • Nature-inspired road trips to national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and more;
  • Wine tasting experiences with local produce, guided by sommeliers, food technologists, or wine aficionados;
  • Paragliding (not for the faint hearted!) and other extreme sports activities.

Evidently, the list is quite comprehensive yet unfinished with room for more!


Now, some of the most popular hiking expeditions are cultural in nature, with senior-centric tours that comprise of visits to historical sites like the citadel, a place considered an acropolis and remnant of ancient times that houses the ruins of the Santa Maria in Castello Church. It is surrounded by Budva’s old town walls which date back to the 9th century and watches over the sea at the top of a hill.

Apart from the attractions situated in the Old Town, there are many more sites like Podmaine Monastery, Ballerina Statue, Ruins of the Roman Era (necropolis) right beneath the hotel Astoria, Kosmac Fortress, and many more stories and places waiting for you to discover them.

Dining in comfort and style

Locals and visitors alike don’t simply consider Budva a mesmerizing getaway, but a locality enriched by mixed scents of delicious seafood restaurants. Just by walking down the promenade, many of you will sniff out tempting dishes and get their stomachs growling for a pan-seared fresh trout with a glass of exquisite red wine.


You can simply take a seat at any of the many sidewalk cafes and taste local, continental or international delicacies while watching the sea caressing the shore. Options are plenty and there’s no shortage or lack of quality food; with both waterfront restaurants, as wells as inland local spots that provide great service.

Bottom line

In Budva, amazing adventures await. No matter if you’re gray-haired or a teeny, this city is jampacked with everything for anyone. So make sure to bring your best camera and shoot memorable pictures of your vacations to reserve bragging rights at your next family reunion.


June 26, 2020

City Café of Mogren Hotel

June 26, 2020