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Hotel Castellastva

About us

ABOUT CASTELLASTVA HOTEL – Former name of Petrovac

The name of this hotel today recalls the tradition of this small place and preserves the decades of tourist developments in Petrovac.

After a full renovation, the Castellastva hotel starts this year’s tourist season with a new Mediterranean story, new quality, a new offer in a new and renovated old building

Four decades of tourism remained packed and preserved in the experiences and memories of many tourists who enjoyed their stay in Castellastva

In a magnificent natural ambience among pines and olive groves, this hotel exudes warmth and comfort in its new building as well

Only about 100 metres away from the beach and about 50 metres away from the town centre, Castellastva offers an intimate vacation designed according to the guests’ wishes

After less than a year from the main works, aimed at full renovation and modernization of the hotel, Castellastva now returns to the tourist market in grand style with a competitive offer ranking as a high category hotel

The first guests arriving this year will enjoy the comfort of a 4* hotel, which is the Castellastva hotel ranking as of this year






A completely new part in the offer of the Castellastva hotel, what certainly distinguishes it among other hotels, is the whole day children entertainment within the tour-package of the renowned tour-operator TUI Russia.
Castellastva is at the moment the only club hotel of this kind in the region and this concept of the offer brings it back in part to the range of family hotels, but this time with modern elements intended for our youngest guests.



Check in from 12 a.m.
Check out until 10 p.m.
All credit cards are accepted
Day stay (late departure) with extra charge







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